Descoperă România cu Peter Hurley – Documentar

Nu e doar o călătorie, nu e doar o aventură, așa cum Peter Hurley nu e doar un străin venit pe meleaguri românești. Un irlandez, care iubește această țară, a plecat în 2012, pe jos, de la Săpânța până la Muzeul Țăranului Român din Capitală. A scris mai apoi o carte despre oamenii care l-au primit și l-au omenit fără să-i ceară nimic la schimb. În drumul său, pas cu pas, Peter Hurley descoperă ce înseamnă România reală, țara care l-a primit cu brațele deschise. Irlandezul a reluat călătoria alături de echipa Agerpres Video.
omul asta Peter iubeste Romania mai mult decat toti parlamentarii adunati la un loc si muti cetateni Romani… vede pe fata lui


I’m from Ecuador, placed in South America, at the other side of the world. I watched this documentary and now I want to visit Romania desperately! I want to make a roadtrip through the rural villages and meet this awesome people. I admire their mindset, the way they’re connected with nature and the christian values that rule their lifes. These are good people. I feel that this world is better because there’s people like them in here. Finally, I felt so emotional to see that here in my country, across the world, the landscapes, the mountains, the flora, the valleys are very similar and especially the peasants who farm and take care of the land with so much love. Hope to visit your beautiful country some day. God Bless you All Romania!


I fully understand the attraction and watched this thinking this is my experience too. I have been in Romania for four years and call it home now and I too love the country and all it offers, the history, the culture, the tradition and the people. Something about it, despite the contrasts of modern and old, rich and poor, it has a sense of identity still and most people are genuine and hardworking despite it still being difficult in many areas. I keep telling people, do not sell your country short as it has much to offer and in many ways has values that are far better than those in many other countries. Romania este tara foarte frumos si contine oameni bun si puternic…will be the place I stay and give back to for the rest of my life…beautiful story and well captured. Where Peter started in Sapanta in the Maramures region is just God’s own country….spectaculos.


Cred ca ori și cine a plâns la acest documentar, avem o tara atât de frumoasă și nu știm sa avem grija de comoara noastră.

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Gresesc daca afirm ca e mai roman decât mulți dintre noi? Multumesc pentru lecția de viata domnule Peter…
Emotionant.Fantastic acest om.Atita dragoste si respect pentru tara si limba noastra ,poate nu avem noi,romanii. Respect si mii de multumiri.
I have been to Romania many times and words cannot express how wonderful and beautiful it is. Lovely people and culture, it’s like a spiritual home for me. A place in my heart for Romania and all the Romania people. Great video to show this magnificent country that is underestimated.


are they speaking Romanian. . what a beautiful language. ..
pe internet sunt celelalte comentarii. Eu am cules doar câteva ca să vă stârnesc curiozitatea de a citi mai departe.
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